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Welcome to Glover Park
Glover Park is a family-friendly neighborhood located in the District of Columbia high on a hill above the Potomac River, just north of Georgetown. It includes both sides of Wisconsin Avenue from Whitehaven Parkway to Calvert Street and then extends northward on the west side of Wisconsin to Fulton Street. Its western boundary is 42nd street along the edge of Glover-Archibald Park. Glover Park is a neighborhood of row houses, apartment buildings and a busy commercial strip of Wisconsin Avenue. Residents appreciate the convenience and hometown atmosphere of the neighborhood and its beautiful natural setting.
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Glover Park Day TBD (June 4 tentative date)

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Improving the Streetscape Ourselves

Last year, GPCA finally collected a grant of $25,000 that was part of the agreement when the condos were built in front of St. Luke’s Church at Calvert and Wisconsin. It’s time to figure out how best to spend that money. At the September GPCA meeting, Anslie Stokes presented her idea: to erect attractive signs at either end of Glover Park welcoming people to our neighborhood. This proposal and a rendering of similar signs in Palisades are posted at here.

We’d like to collect more ideas and are opening up the discussion to all Glover Parkers. Please submit your ideas in writing (not too long, please) to me at by November 3. The GPCA Executive Committee will select the most feasible ideas (particularly those that don’t overlap with what the District should be paying for or has promised to) and they will be published in the December Gazette and put up on our website. In January we will vote on the top two (so that we have a backup, just in case). We’ll discuss this further at the Oct. 7meeting.

Glover Park Transportation Study
The website for the transportation study has been updated with a Draft Wisconsin Avenue Alternative Analysis.
After reviewing the proposed ideas, send your comments to:
Christopher Delfs
DC Department of Transportation

Bill Schultheiss
Project Manager

Toole Design Group

Glover Park Art On Call! has begun!
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Glover Park Liquor License Moratorium
Voluntary agreements have been negotiated between ABC-licensed establishments in Glover Park and third parties – ANC3B, GPCA, and/or groups of individuals.  The agreements were made to resolve protests against issuing, changing or renewing a liquor license.

For a primer on liquor licenses in DC and the current Glover Park Moratorium: FAQ.
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